Prop 47 Facts

Prop 47 will make it impossible to stop many criminals from buying or possessing guns.  Under current law, convicted felons can't possess firearms in California.  By changing street crimes like purse-snatching and many burglaries into misdemeanors, Prop 47 makes it impossible to stop criminals convicted of these crimes from having guns.

Prop 47 will seriously harm efforts to help drug-addicted criminals get sober. The National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP), the nation's leading organization working to help criminal addicts break the cycle of drug abuse, strongly opposes Prop 47.

The NADCP warns that "Proposition 47 provides for virtually no accountability, supervision or treatment for addicted offenders...Proposition 47 removes the legal incentive for seriously addicted offenders to seek treatment...Proposition 47 turns a blind eye to over two decades of research and practice that demonstrates addicted offenders need structure and accountability in addition to treatment to become sober..."

Prop 47 is completely unnecessary.  Prop 47's backers say their goal is to keep low-level offenders out of prison.  What they don't say is that California law already requires this.

In 2011, California passed a major sentencing realignment that prevents sending anyone to prison in California unless they have had convictions at some point for violent crimes, sex offenses, or other serious felonies.

With a few exceptions, these are the prison inmates Prop 47 will free. 

The 2011 realignment has already resulted in the early release of many violent or habitual criminals. Property crime is already up 8%, and things will only get worse under Prop 47.

Prop 47 rewrites our laws to benefit criminals.  Prop 47 is a lengthy piece of legislation with many hidden provisions.  Some of the not-so-obvious things Prop 47 will do are:

  • Change crimes like purse and phone snatching -- where thieves grab expensive property right off your body -- into petty theft, the same as stealing a candy bar.

  • Make possession of "date rape" drugs a misdemeanor.

  • Protect many commercial burglars from being charged with a felony as long as they strike during work hours -- when it's most dangerous for employees.

  • Make stealing a handgun -- which is often done to commit violent crimes -- a misdemeanor in almost all cases.

  • Reduce sentences for muggers, burglars, cocaine and heroin dealers, and other dangerous criminals who pled guilty to lesser offenses.

  • Make receiving property obtained through extortion a misdemeanor (up to $950).

  • Make stealing horses and other animals a misdemeanor in many cases.

Prop 47 will hurt consumers.  Professional retail thieves, commercial burglars, and identity thieves cost California consumers and businesses millions of dollars every year.  Prop 47 slashes penalties for these crimes.

Law enforcement leaders and crime victim advocates overwhelmingly oppose Prop 47.  Prop 47 is opposed by every major law enforcement and victim advocate organization in California, including the California District Attorneys Association, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, California Police Chiefs Association, California State Sheriffs Association, and Crime Victims United.  

They oppose Prop 47 because it will do nothing to help true low-level offenders.  Because it will release thousands of felons into our streets. And because it is a serious danger to California.

Please vote no.