Vote No on Proposition 47

Prop 47 is opposed by every major law enforcement and crime victims organization in California. Here's why:

  • Prop 47 goes far beyond petty crimes.  It rewrites our laws to make it easier for violent Three Strikes felons to gain early release.

  • Prop 47 will make it impossible to stop many criminals from legally purchasing firearms.  

  • Prop 47 will seriously harm efforts to help drug-addicted criminals get sober.

  • Prop 47 prevents judges from blocking the early release of dangerous inmates, including offenders with prior convictions for armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, residential burglary, carjacking, arson, and child abuse.

  • Under Prop 47, it will no longer be a felony to steal most handguns.  It will no longer be a felony to possess date rape drugs.  Snatching your purse or phone right out of your hand will be considered "petty theft" -- the same as stealing a candy bar.

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Alliance for a Safer California is a voter-run independent expenditure committee opposing California Proposition 47.  Prop 47 is a 2014 California ballot measure called the Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes Initiative, or the "Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act." This committee does not accept donations and has expenditures of less than $1,000 per calendar year.